Body Awareness

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Body Awareness
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Your body is always sending you messages about what it needs. Body awareness is simply being in tune with this.  You know that when you are tired you require to sleep. And when you are starving you need to eat.

Physical discomfort can be our body’s way of letting us know that we are way too stressed out, far too hectic & not taking great care of ourselves. It is our body’s method of telling us that something in our life is out of balance.

Body Awareness

Establishing a deep awareness of the messages your body sends you, and taking care of your body in the best method possible, is an easy act of self-love. Since if you don’t your body will only start shrieking louder and louder, till that little niggle turns into chronic pain or disease.

So how can you begin tuning into your body and establishing a stronger connection with it?

Here is a simple self-care practice, called ‘Breathe, Feel & Ask’, that will help you develop a deeper body awareness:

Breathe – this is where you take a few minutes to focus on your breathing. Lie on your yoga mat, or on your bed, and slow your breathing down until you drop in to a state of mindfulness.

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Feel – then do a scan of your body and tune in to the locations that feel tight, stiff or sore. You can either start at your head and move down to your toes, or start at your toes and move up.  It’s also easily accessible using some simple yoga stretches for beginners.

Ask – once you understand the locations of your body that are tight or sore I desire you to ask yourself two questions. “Exactly what is going on in my life right now that may be making me feel by doing this?” and “If this pain was an emotion what would it be?” This is body awareness.

Then spend 10 minutes (or less!) journalling about what has actually come up for you. Just making a note of your feelings and sensations around these 2 questions can assist you release a few of the unfavorable energy out of your body.  It often helps to take some time out for meditation prior to beginning this.

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The mind and body are intimately connected. What impacts one, affects the other. By finding out the best ways to listen to the messages your body is sending, you will slowly find a much deeper sense of self-love for it.

I cannot recommend exploring yoga deeply enough.  It can be a lifelong gateway to connecting with your body awareness on a truly spiritual level.

And in return your body will reward you with true physical health. Discover how to take care of your body, for it is the only one you have.