Meditation Training

meditation training

Meditation Training

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  • Notice your posture on the chair as if you were seeing yourself from the outside.
    Feeling your body humming with sensation.  Allow the Meditation Training to begin.
    Entering into your body and into the world of sensations occurring in this very moment.
  • Now bringing attention to your heart region. Placing your hand over your heart to
    reminding yourself to bring loving attention to your experience.
  •  Finding your breath in the heart region and beginning to practice mindfulness of
    breathing. Feeling your chest move as you breathe. When your mind wanders,
    bringing it back to the sensation of breathing.
  • After a few minutes, releasing your attention to your breath and letting yourself recall
    the difficult emotion. If you wish, remember the situation in which you felt the
  • Now expanding your awareness to your body as a whole. While you recall the
    emotion, scanning your body for where you feel it the most. In your mind’s eye,
    sweeping your body from head to toe, stopping where you can sense a little tension
    or discomfort.
  • Now choose a single location in your body where the feeling expresses itself most
    strongly, perhaps as a point of muscle tension or an achy feeling, like a heartache.
    In your mind, inclining gently toward that spot as if you were inclining toward a child
    or a beloved pet. Continuing to breathe naturally, allowing the sensation to be there,
    just as it is. If you wish, placing your hand over your heart as you continue to
    breathe. Allowing the gentle, rhythmic motion of the breath to soothe your body.
  • At this time, you may wish to add the “soften-soothe-allow” practice.
  • Gently opening your eyes.  And give thanks for this resource.

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