Simple Yoga Stretches for Beginners

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Simple Yoga Stretches for BeginnersYoga2Life Free Coaching Class

The word yoga is related to the English word for yoke – and is part of the word family for union for body mind and spirit.

Yoga is best described as a place where the individual unites with the divine intelligence of the universe.  Even though this may sound a long way away from your basic yoga poses for beginners at home, it is still there for each of us to enjoy.  Let’s begin with a basic yoga workout.

The practice of yoga integrates the body with the mind and the soul - and thereby helps us understand sour own natures and live harmoniously with everyone else.  Keep a simple yoga routine in mind when you begin to add these elements.

yoga exercises for beginners

Yoga can be practised irrespective of age, sex or level of health,  you can begin your yoga practice right here, as you sit reading this just by becoming present with your breath.  Easy yoga stretches are an invitation to relax, let go into the pose and enjoy the feeling of release.

Fore most people, Yoga as they might know it is the asanas - the poses and the meditations.  These are not essential for the simple yoga for beginners, but you can explore them later as you get into it.  But there are in fact eight exact paths called Ashtanga Yoga.

simple yoga stretches beginners

Ashtanga Yoga The Eight Fold Path

The Ashtanga Yoga or eight limbs of yoga are

Yama - the universal commandments.

  • Ahimsa - non violence
  • Satya - truth and honesty
  • Asteya - Non attachment
  • Brahmacharya - confidence, self control and discipline
  • Aparigraha - non-accumulation of needless wealth.

Niyama - the personal disciplines

  • Saucha - cleanliness and purity
  • Santosha - satisfaction and contentment
  • Tapas - Austerity and ability to bear hardship
  • Svadhyaya - Introspection
  • Ishvara Pranidhara - faith in god

Asana - postures

Pranayama - Control of breath and bio-energy

Pratyahara - Withdrawal of the sense organs from objects of sense

Dharana - Intense concentration for developing inner vision

Dhyana - Meditation, uninterrupted and deep concentration for a prolonged period of time

Samadhi - the goal of yoga - attained after a long period of dhyana.  Best described as how the river merges with the ocean and becomes a part of it.

yoga routines for beginners

simple yoga stretches beginners

Mind is the driving force behind all of our actions.  An easy yoga routine becomes that much more powerful and meaningful once you incorporate the breath with the movements.  If the mind is polluted and disturbed, our glands don't function normally and this affects our body chemistry.  Yoga strives to pacify our body chemistry.

Beginning yoga at home it is important to be aware of the process behind the actual movements. Yoga acts by calming agitated mental processes and thereby impart peace, tranquility and satiation.  Yogic postures assist this by providing better blood flow and movement of the body to allow these processes to attain maximum benefit.

simple yoga poses to do at home

Remember the mind is the abstract form of the brain - and whatever you think and the thoughts that arise in the mind are expressed as emotions, sensations and physical actions/reactions.  Letting yourself go with these simple yoga stretches and to not be stuck in your thinking brain is the challenge.

Pranayama means suspension or withholding of the breath or regulation of the breath through inhalation and exhalation.  A basic yoga workout includes distinct phases where the breath is the sole focus.  The three phases are inhalation, withholding and exhalation.  Be mindful and relax with these yoga exercises for beginners.  In every postures, there is the attendant flow of breath tho help open and explore the depth of the posture.
yoga stretches for beginners