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Beginners Yoga

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Learning beginners yoga is all about patience and acceptance and discipline.

Patience with the new movements, postures and teaching styles.

As well as acceptance – acceptance of you own body and how inflexible and resistant it is.

The discipline of yoga comes from returning to the mat each morning – without excuse.

Yoga is a lifestyle habit that comes from immersing yourself in a daily habit over years.  And there is no way to rush this and you can’t have someone else do the hours for you.

That is what gives yoga it’s edge.

Yoga is not just a physical practice, however a psychological, mental & spiritual practice, also.  Yoga is said to be meditation through the body.

Individuals experience a vast array of transformations when on a course of practicing the art of beginners yoga, each experience distinct to the individual and what they require in those moments.

Yoga helps with self-care because it provides you an area to explore your inner world, to disconnect from the outside world, and to focus exclusively on you.  It’s great for body awareness.

You discover how to contact your emotions in the minute, to breathe, to appear for situations in the manner that you wish to (versus being managed by external scenarios), and you get self-confidence. You discover how to do what’s helpful for you in each moment, versus reacting from routine or from a place of damage. Most of all, you discover the concept of “balance”.

On the yoga mat, we find out about balance in a physical way, which equates to our lives in a metaphorical way. Balance is so important in each element of our lives.

Getting going with yoga can be frightening. Studios are accustomed to dealing with newbies and use a lovely, encouraging environment to get begun in. Lots of offer a deal: an economical unlimited month, so you can try a wide range of classes. There are many different types of beginners yoga, so do not be dissuaded if you try a class and don’t like it. Ask someone at the front desk for help in choosing the design and level that’s appropriate for you.

If you’re not all set for a studio, there are many on-line classes now that provide a variety of designs and levels of classes that enable you to discover beginners yoga in the personal privacy of your own house. And remember, you do not have to be excellent at something to start doing it – you simply have to begin somewhere.

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When you feel you have a grasp for beginners yoga and you have made progress, you will find a little technique or a way of entering the pose that brigs a whole new deeper level or awareness.

And at it’s core, yoga is about bringing awareness to the mind through the movement of the body.  Nothing quite compares once you see for yourself how feeling anxious or cranky can be resolved by opening up the muscles around your hips.  Or how feeling sorry for yourself can be neutralized by holding a heart opening pose.  The connection between the body and such subtle and seemingly out of reach emotions is a revelation.